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Ben Dowsett

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Ben uses Beacon to develop a better system for basketball analysis. In collaboration with Layne Vashro, he’ll show you why basketball is on the precipice of widespread change in the way experts, coaches, and fans analyze talent and the game as a whole — and what you can learn from it.

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New analytics are changing the way we view every part of the game of basketball.

The biggest theme in basketball’s growing analytics boom is no individual tactical element, but rather a collective change in the way we look at the game. Key in this change is the way we evaluate college talent preparing to enter the NBA through the yearly draft.

What do you cover?

Using a series of cutting-edge metrics designed by collaborator Layne Vashro, we will attempt to re-define the way college prospects are evaluated. We have several models at our disposal - on top of the standard Expected Wins Peak (EWP) rating, there are several variations. From a model combining EWP with the rankings of popular draft sites and experts, to one listing the closest comparable college players to a given prospect over 30 draft years, we cover all the angles. There’s even a model listing the percentage chance of a prospect panning out into one of four categories: Bust, Bench Player, Starter, or Star.

How often do you post on Beacon?

I’ll give you weekly forays into the world of NBA analytics and easy ways to understand them. We’ll put a special emphasis on the yearly entry draft and improving the way we evaluate talent, plus an introduction to an exciting new system of metrics to assist us.

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Today, we introduce Layne’s Statistical Comparisons model, an objective way of finding each college prospect’s best statistically comparable seasons over the past 30 years. We look at examples of good and bad comparisons within the model, and examine how this translates to more common subjective draft… 

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