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Beacon empowers writers by letting you fund their work directly. That means you, the reader, decide which writers and stories get published instead of advertisers.

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There are hundreds of projects on Beacon that you can fund directly. We’ve made it easy to browse and search for topics you’ll love. With Beacon, you can enable journalism all around the world.

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Beacon is the only crowdfunding platform to provide matching funds. For many projects, your pledge will be matched by Beacon — giving you even more impact.

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Barry Malone reporting in Tigray, Ethiopia

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Get 85% of your subscribers’ monthly dues. Readers get access to every story by every writer.

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Every month, thousands of dollars in bonuses go to top stories.

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Write what you want, keep all your rights to it. This is your work — we just help support it.

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  • Use the power of crowdfunding to fund new dispatches
  • Set a time limit to focus your promotion efforts
  • Pitch your readers directly with a compelling video
  • Offer a variety of subscriptions and rewards

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Beautiful image, video, and text posting

  • Craft your stories in a state of the art editor
  • Your subscribers are notified when you publish a piece
  • Ad-free, responsive layout that looks great on any device
  • Capture new subscribers when you share your stories

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  • Keep readers engaged with short updates
  • Host exclusive Q&As and more
  • Grow a community around your writing

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You'll never need to invoice us

  • Each new subscriber puts money in your pocket
  • We make timely payouts once a month
  • Let us deal with credit card, PayPal and Amazon payments
  • Access to monthly bonuses and promotional offers

Climate Confidential is a team of 6 environmental journalists who have raised nearly $60,000 on Beacon.

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