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Jonathan M. Katz

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Jonathan uses Beacon to uncover the full story in Haiti and at home. From post-disaster cover-ups in Haiti to the ineffectiveness of recovery funds, Jonathan always sticks with a story. You’ll roam the US and abroad with him as he continues to chase the most pressing stories, wherever they may be and wherever he ends up.

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What do you cover?

I’m a foreign and political correspondent by training, specializing in storytelling with an investigative bent. What all that really means is that I like to tell stories about communities in flux, people dealing with crises, and how policy and power affect real lives. I’ve spent the last few years reporting heavily about humanitarian aid, especially in Haiti. I’ve also reported from Washington, China, Israel and Palestine, and all over Latin America. I am now based in North Carolina — a state undergoing all kinds of profound change. But I never know where the next story will take me.

How often do you post on Beacon?

Depending on the news, about a story a week, with updates and other items as we go.

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