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Mujib Mashal

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Mujib uses Beacon to tell stories about the realities of life in Afghanistan today and the challenges of extremism in South Asia. As an Afghan native, Mujib gives you a unique perspective on the region that few others can. He’ll be focusing on the war and where the subcontinent goes from here. You’ll read about daily life, shifts in culture, and first-hand accounts from locals.

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As with every long war, the years diminish the mainstream media’s appetite for frequent stories when, in fact, it is the end of a war that is more revealing than its beginning. Only when the boots begin to leave the ground that you see the marks left, the lives built, or the homes destroyed. Here, I will be reporting snippets, anecdotes, and observations that cannot fit the existing frames of mainstream media, but can tell so much more about societies than dry news stories.

What do you cover?

The war in Afghanistan — America’s longest — and its impact on geopolitics of south/central Asia. Through character-driven stories and nuanced observations, I will be meditating on the cultures and sub-cultures that develop in the shadows of such lengthy wars.

How often do you post on Beacon?

At least once a week, with more frequent posts when traveling.

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Mujib’s most recent stories on Beacon:

Shadow of a Marshal’s Death

Afghanistan’s vice president, the powerful and controversial Marshal Mohammed Qasim Fahim, dies of natural causes just weeks before an important election. His death raises questions about his political legacy, his patronage, and the shoes he leaves for his son - his natural successor in Afghanistan, as recent trends show - to… 

The (Media) Race to Become Afghanistan’s Next President

As candidates campaign to succeed Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan’s first democratic transition of power, extreme weather, fragile security, and lack of political infrastructure has forced them to turn to the media to get their message to the… 

The Haqqani Silence

Rejection of involvement by the Afghan government has furthered the mystery of several Taliban assassinations in Pakistan. Less talked about, but more telling, are the blows struck at the Haqqani network. Once responsible for carrying out the most dramatic, high-profile attacks, the Haqqani’s name is rarely heard these… 

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