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Media Outlet Author Name Work Total Owed Days Late
$1500 Anonymous Corresponsal (México) $6000 SETTLED
Adevarul Holding Anonymous foreign correspondent in Spain (Spain) 3000 euro 561
AFRICA GEOGRAPHIC thembi mutch photos and article (Tanzania) £361 520
Al Jazeera (Doha) Guy Hedgecoe Santiago train crash 2-way (Madrid) $75 271
Al Jazeera (Doha) Max Siegelbaum Four features for the AJE Website (Cairo, Egypt) $1400 SETTLED
Aljazeera America Anonymous Psychological effects of drone strikes (DC/Yemen) $150 225
AnOthermag.com Anonymous Two profiles (London) £40 884
AP Amal Ismail Djibouti Election Pictures (Ethiopia) $500 SETTLED
ARISE NEWS Marc Hofer Kenya Elections (Kenya) $4,500 295
Art+Auction Magazine Ginnette Riquelme Collectors at Home Photos (Mexico City) $1,000 + expenses 248
Avega Luis Alberto Montaje audiovisual y pantallas leds (Enero 2011) 800e 1273
BBC - World Have Your Say Josh Wood Radio panel on instability in Lebanon (Beirut) £50 SETTLED
BBC Radio 4 Brad Secker 2 way about bombings in Reyhanli, Turkey (Thailand) £30 235
BBC Wales Iona Craig Embassy closures (Yemen) £50 SETTLED
Beijing Mandarin Jessica Ng Copywriting (Hong Kong) HK$830.50 189
Bell'Italia /Cairo Editore Anonymous Tourism article about Itali (Italy) 450 535
Black Eagle Media/ Africa Geographic Anonymous Journalism & Photography (Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya) $170.49 217
Boom Magazine Anonymous Commissioned freelance article (Australia) AU$230 500
Borneo Magazine Jeffrey Bright Illegal gold mines Indonesia (Indonesia) ??? 436
Boxing Digest Peter Carvill articles (UK) $350 1395
Brownbook Katy Gillett Freelance writing under pseunodym Francesca Kirby (Dubai, UAE) AED5,000 (USD1,360) 658
Canal Blau televisió Cristina Saez 12 tv pieces about cultural issues (Barcelona) 2400 euros 377
CBC (Canada) Kimberly Adams Various coverage of Egypt Protests (Cairo, Egypt) $5190 SETTLED
Cirque Magazine David Dennis Feature On Movies In New Orleans (New Orleans) 300 1471
Community Newspaper Holding INC. Paul Guillaume 10 Articles and Photos (Afghanistan) $700 1525
Contralinea Hans-Maximo Photo-reportage about Guatemala Volunteer Firefighters (Guatemala) 3500 MXN (Mexican Pesos) 573
Corriere del Mezzogiorno Ciro Oliviero Corrispondente dalla provincia di Napoli (Provincia di Napoli) € 175 SETTLED
Dazed & Confused Anonymous Citylines brief (Marfa, Texas) £40 3035
Dazed & Confused Magazine Robert Green Dazed & Confused 'Annual' - 2 spreads (London) £500 4551
Diario Avanzada Lily Campos Journalist research of the book: Silverio Cavazos, Murio el Jefe (México) 1,600 dólares 673
Digital First Media Paul Guillaume 3 Articles, 8 Photos (Aleppo, Syria) $1400 99
Doolfee Media Jose Julian Martin Artículos para doolfee.es (Madrid) 1.700 € 202
Edizioni Master Anonymous Enciclopedia dei Migliori anni della nostra vita (Italy) about 1000 euros 294
Efran Films / HD Net Huda Ali Libya (Libya) $5,000 431
El Adelanto Anonymous Redactor Deportes (Zamora) 2600 € 284
El Adelanto de Salamanca Rosana Hernández Nieto Redactora (Salamanca) 37.000 euros 473
El Adelanto de Salamanca David Periodismo deportivo/Sports Journalism (Salamanca) 9000 euros 374
El Economista (México) Alejandro Flores Valencia artículos (México) $36,000 (pesos mexicanos) SETTLED
entertain me ltd Anonymous post production (royal wedding, London) 3000 1475
Esquire Weekend Anonymous Writing a profile (Rockville, MD) $300 231
Europalive martino migli Post-production; Videoediting (Bruxelles-Milan) 5.400€ 546
Facing Change: Documenting America Anonymous Assignments, Expenses, Publication fees (USA) $10,300 414
Football Focus Asia Andy Kho Photography for Standard Chartered EPL Football Malaysia Cup 2013 visit to City Golf KL (City Golf Kuala Lumpur) MYR 500 359
Foreign Policy Paul Wood Dispatch on fighting the Taliban (Afghanistan) $300 1073
FoxNews.com Tony Bullard Portrait of a high school student arrested for graffitti (Houston, Tx) $150 1674
France 3 Margaux Bergey 7 minutes story about the memory of the civil war in Lebanon (Lebanon) 3000 € 316
France 3 Anaïs LLobet typhoon Haiyan - 3 days as a fixer and live on tv (Tacloban, Leyte) 800 euros 177
Getaway Magazine Anonymous Travel writing (South Africa) R1000 574
Girls' Life Magazine Mridu Khullar Feature article (India) $500 337
Global TV Flavie Halais Fixer for TV crew during Westgate attack (Nairobi, Kenya) $698.77 SETTLED
Hip Hop Weekly Anonymous 2 page published spread (Jamaica) $500 1998
Hip Hop Weekly Anonymous Spragga Benz photo (Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.) $125 1998
i24 Anaïs LLobet 2 direct TV Skype (Manila, Philippines) more or less 400 euros 257
iAuthors.org Michelle Nguyen Graphic Design (San Francisco, CA) $425 540
Il Giornale della Liguria Anonymous 11 articles (Genova, Italy) Circa 80 € 195
Il Manifesto Massimiliano Sfregola Reporting from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 100 € 1175
Index on Censorship Mohamed El Dahshan Series of blog posts (Egypt) £300 SETTLED
InfoPhoto Anonymous Reportage and Editorial News (Rome) €200 532
Intereconomia Mario four months reporting from the US (New York) 20.370€ 494
Intereconomía Televisión Anonymous journalist (Madrid, Spain) 6950 euros 361
Islamica Money Group Anonymous article on Islamic wealth management (Kuala Lumpur) RM2,000 to RM2,500 131
Kernel Magazine Paul Clarke Photography (London) £500 654
La Gaceta Diego Represa Reporting from Syria (Syria) 60€ 540
La Gaceta (Spain) Carmen Rengel Correspondent in Jerusalem (Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza) 11.087,9 euros 689
Le Figaro Anonymous Photo (published without authorization) (Beijing, China) €300 200
Le Point France Anonymous Protests Cairo (Cairo) £100 859
Liberation, France Bruno Stevens Photo assignment, Lebanon war 2006 (Lebanon) 2500 € 2423
Mangaung Studios Nick van der Leek Photography (South Africa) R14000 264
Marie Claire India Matteo Fagotto Interview with Tawakkul Karman (Yemen) 300 € 723
Marie Claire India Matteo Fagotto Ladies of Light (Malawi) 700 € 358
MCOM Sohail Kisat Documentary work (Pakistan) $5,000 773
Medina Media- Spain Alberto Arce Covering the battle for Misrata (Misrata-Lybia) 10.000 € 674
Millennial Youth Anonymous Editorial/Graphic Design (New York, NY) $1507.50 433
Postcards magazine Anonymous Commisisoned assignment (Australia) AUD300 550
Public Media Affairs Group Jacob Simkin Afghan Voices Documentary (Afghanistan) $9,000 1119
Quality Magazine Kathrin Hartmann "Grünes Öl" Comment on Greenwashing (Munich) 850 Euro 1418
Renew magazine Karen Harris 2 articles (New York) $200 559
RFM Anaïs LLobet 8 lives on radio during typhoon Haiyan (Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines) 800 euros 177
Rivista Studio Matilde Gattoni Rivista Studio (Iraq) 800 € 478
Rolling Stone- South Africa Anonymous Feature on Zambian hiphop (Zambia, New York) $683 SETTLED
Scaramagas Michael Editor (Athens) 7.000€ 1974
Science Times China Jes Aznar Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (Philippines) $800 754
Sky News Iona Craig Six two-way TV interviews on Yemen security allert (Sana'a, Yemen) £ 575 SETTLED
TCB Media Nick van der Leek Travel story on George (South Africa) R2000 264
Technikart Clarence Edgard-Rosa Freelance writing (France) 439,31€ SETTLED
The Express Tribune Riazat Butt How to Do Research in Pakistan (London/Pakistan) £100 SETTLED
The Express Tribune Anonymous Regular Column (Pakistan) $2240 350
The Scotsman Miles Amoore Indian Embassy bombing in Kabul (Afghanistan) £150 SETTLED
The Shadow League Anonymous Interview & Feature On Pop Culture/Street Culture (New York) $350 383
The Social Media Monthly Magazine Anonymous Magazine Content Translation (New York, NY) $500 321
Times Publishing Group Anonymous Freelance article (WA) $230.00 513
Tor Sagen / Raptors and Rockets Gary Bailey Photo shoot and copyright use of bike and tyre test - BMW / Pirrelli (Arctic Circle Raceway - Norway) £200 875
Transterra Media Juan Herrero / Tik Root footage from Yemen (Yemen) 770 euros SETTLED
USA Today Sports Media Anonymous On-site video edit (Chicago) $720 SETTLED
VAV Luis Alberto Operador de camara (Mayo 2013) 2500 € 353
Verge Magazine Canada Terry Sebastian Photography for 2010 "Go Global" event (Toronto, Ontario Canada) $500 1324
Vero Anonymous Column about savings (Italy) 2.635 € 511
Vice Glen Johnson Syria (Syria) $600 SETTLED
Vice News No. Three commissioned print stories with high-profile interviews (U.S. South) $810 SETTLED
Vocativ Anonymous Motorcycle Taxi Riders (Liberia) $500 539
Vreme (Serbia) Matteo Fagotto Magnet za ekstremne islamiste (Yemen) 100 € 672
Warp Magazine / Sentido Común Rodrigo Del Campo Post Production (Mexico City) $8,000 925
Wend Magazine Valentí Zapater A Kingdom for a barrel (Yasuni National Park, Orellana, Ecuador) 492,42 € 777
Young Business Leaders (online magazine) MIriam Mannak Editing (1,5 months) (South Africa) R39.000 (3796 dollars) 437
Z Magazine Anonymous Review (Germany) $300 1263
Zoom 95 95.5. FM Hermosillo Sonora México Alejandro Pacheco Corresponsalía, Reportes y redacción de noticias (México) 6000 Pesos mexicanos 281

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