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While working on my graphic novel, I had another amazing story fall in my lap. When my grandfather died, we found proof he had a secret son. My secret uncle, it turns out, is a serial con artist and possible polygamist, leaving a trail of broken families across the US. Now it’s time to unravel his deceptions and to plan the next step.

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This is a family story so bizarre, it has to be told.


Last year, I came home to a Facebook message from a guy named Derek who claimed to be my long lost cousin. My first thought was that it had to be a scam.

02kane.png My second thought was, “Denis.”


In my late grandfather’s apartment, my dad and I had an old family rumor confirmed—he’d been married before my grandmother, and had a son named Denis. We found a hidden stash of photos, telegrams, and hand-drawn Father’s Day cards, all from before 1950.


At some point, his wife left him and took the son. My grandfather spent 30 years trying to track him down.

My uncle, it turns out, didn’t want to be found.


Denis changed names, professions, and wives at the drop of a hat. He’s been a seminary student, a cop, a folk musician, and a helicopter pilot. Most of his 7+ children have never met him.


Recently, my dad and I went to Long Beach to meet three of Denis’ wives and four of their kids.


Denis lives nearby. It’s time to decide what to do next. →

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PS: If you’d like to hear more about my story, tune in to the Derek and Romaine show TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 7 on Sirius! https://www.facebook.com/DerekAndRomaine Derek isn’t just my mysterious long lost cousin—he’s also the host of a popular radio show. Crazy, right?

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Kane Lynch is the author of the graphic novels The Relics and Aerial Structures, as well as the autobiographical mini-comic series Baby Kane. He lives in Oakland, CA.

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