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From the art lofts in the South Bronx to the pizza joints on Staten Island, I’ll be sharing stories from lives of the city’s unique, wonderful, and delightful inhabitants.

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At 150 backers Sion Fullana is providing sustainable reporting you won't get anywhere else.

Discover the real New York through photos and text.

New York is the city everyone dreams of visiting, maybe even to live in one day and always to learn more about. This project seeks to help you explore the corners of New York you may not have seen, and to meet those who call those places home. You’ll see and read about the successes, the struggles and what it takes to thrive and keep your spirits high in the bewitching metropolis.

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  • I pledge to introduce you to at least two of these remarkable New Yorkers a month through photo stories.

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sion fullana 2

Upside down, or rightside up, Manhattan always has things to discover.

sion fullana 3

To really understand New York, you need to understand the people first. Through words and pictures, I aim to tell their stories as a way to reveal this vibrant city. I’m obsessed with taking the perfect pictures that capture people’s true character.

A commitment to visual storytelling

sion fullana 4

As a photographer with a background in journalism and a passion for psychology, my best work is always born from a deep sense of empathy and human connection with other people. If I have learned to do anything well it’s to get anyone I meet to share their story with me and reproduce it in a compelling way.

Millions of stories are waiting to be told, let’s find them!

sion fullana 1

New York is a billion moments of amazing humanity every day. It never ceases to amaze.

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Tami Stronach

Marta Hernández

Ari Edelson

David Peck

David Machado Domínguez

Judit Samper Albero

Eduardo Torres

Federico Sardi

Andy Saldana

Dee Crawford

Usman Shaukat

luis fullana campillos

Yetta Gottesman

Pedro Fullana Campillos

Chris Stern

Kari Cosentino

Charles Kim

Janell Baptista

Cristian Perez Imber

Lidia Fullana

Patrick Onofre

Jeffery Smith

Patrick Galbraith

Drew Moore

Eric Rodriguez

Aaron Sams

Devyn Caldwell

Stefan Schack

Catalina Monserrat

vlad chirkov


Anton Kawasaki

Brigitte Holst

Alf Condelius

Axelle Horstmann

Jennifer Samuel

Harry Hancock

Francisco Montesinos

Alejandro Titos

Montse Belver

Dharmender Tathgur

Jordi Alcaraz

Tracey Renehan

Ana Belén Pérez Blanco

noemi jansana

giulia macario

Petrina Engelke

Kristina Pozenel

Chiun-Kai Shih



Andrew Sedik

Joe Hosking

Nina Kawasaki

Raffy Dakessian


Eric Kim

Lene Basma

caterina jaume sureda

Evaristo tamargo

Joel Levin

maria antonia jaume

Charlie Conard

Laura Peischl

Alberto Denis

Carles Martinez

Vicky Giménez

Maria Victoria peralta

Travis jensen

Pierre Le Govic

Felix Lim

lisa sulluvan

Rebeca Vallejo Mosher

Gal Natel

Anna Strout

Laura Alvarez Fernandez

Giuliana Peguri

Rosaria Di Grande

Sebastian Delmont

Maria Lara Bello Molina

Jeta B

Lynn R Farless

Philip Naude

Dutch Doscher

Richard Gray

Oracio Alvarado

Francesco Savi

Eric De Fino

Mark Cushway

Kevin Lau

erdal kahraman

Mike Haertl

Abdul Hadi Ishak

Nicholas Emms

Nicholas Emms

Pere Garcia Ramos

Renzo Grande

Virginia Hawkins

Antonia Fullana Jaume

Tatsuya Kawanishi

Plus 65 others who want to read stories about Extraordinary Everyday New Yorkers
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Sion Fullana BIOGRAPHY

I’m a professional Visual Storyteller from Spain, living in New York City for over 7 years. My work includes photography (favorite genres Street Photography, Portraiture and Entertainment) and journalism, with a background in filmmaking (both fiction and documentary). I love capturing stories and emotions from life and sharing them with the world through the new visual social media channels.

I’ve been considered among the pioneers of Mobile Photography since 2008. My photographic work has been featured in international exhibits, magazines, newspapers, blogs, TV segments and even three book covers. One of my cellphone images is on the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art (Atlanta). I’ve also been a public speaker about Visual Storytelling, Mobile Photography and Street Photography - including twice as a special guest at Apple Stores and in NYC Social Media Week.

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Stories about Extraordinary Everyday New Yorkers need to be told

Help Sion Fullana bring them to BEACON. At 150 backers, Sion Fullana can provide sustainable reporting on the topic you won't get anywhere else.

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