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Life in the Startup Trenches

Reported by Timothy Wu

I’ll use my exclusive access to startup founders and executives to deliver interviews and stories about what they’ve learned and what drives them forward.

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*This project is live and producing stories.
At 25 backers Timothy Wu can provide sustainable reporting you won't get anywhere else.

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At 50 backers I’ll have the resources necessary to start interviewing members of Y Combinator’s Winter ‘14 class. Y Combinator is one of the most prestigious startup incubators, and I’ll give you five stories that look at some of the founders in its most recent batch. If the series proves popular, I’ll expand it to other startup incubators and programs around the country.

I’ll give you important lessons from start-up founders who have gone through the trenches of business.

You’ll get:

  • 2-4 posts a month of real conversations discussing failures, successes, and the lessons learned along the way.

  • Exclusive access and Q&A with me through BEACON’s discussion feature.

  • Access to every story, by every writer on BEACON.

As someone who’s spent most of their professional life chained to jobs and industries I have no passion for - I’m looking to open my creative capacity and the ability to help others learn. I’m drawn to startup culture — passion for your work, building things people need/want, high risks-high rewards lifestyles.

I’ll give you a look inside startups like Idealab, one of the best incubators in the US and a pioneer of the model. I’ll also talk to people at Karma, a startup changing the model for internet access, and CupidRadar, a company pioneering location-based data. I’ll share their enthusiasm with you.

Your support lets me do more interviews.

Your subscription and contribution will go to my bandwidth, time, and the capacity to continually contact successful individuals with valuable stories and life lessons to share.


Timothy Wu hasn't posted an update yet


I’m an LA-based freelance writer who’s found a real passion for telling stories through a unique narrative style.

Starting out in music and moving onto tech, I’ve written for various LA-based publications including The LA Music Blog (music) and TechZulu (startups and business) among many others.

My passion for startups came from working at an emerging technologies non-profit.

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Stories about Life in the Startup Trenches need to be told

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