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Life, Love and Fear on the Border

Reported by Brooke Binkowski

Although Mexico is treated as a den of drugs, cartels, and violence in the international media, the truth is far more complex, but its people are rarely given a chance to speak for themselves.

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I am a child of the border.

I still split my time between both Mexico and the United States. Mexico is one of the United States’ most important relationships, economically, socially, and culturally, yet this connection goes largely unexplored, even in border regions.

This needs to change, because while Mexico certainly has its share of internal problems, many of its biggest issues – drug cartels, human trafficking, mass emigration – originated with American policies.

Here’s what you get:

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Your backing directly supports my reporting every month.

Transportation (airfare, cab fare), food, time, and the all-important rent are the major places my money goes. I already have the equipment that I need.

brooke binkowski

Children on the Tijuana side of the border.

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Almost half-way!

March 9, 2014 at 1:52 am

Just wanted to let you know my project “Life, Love and Fear on the Border” has passed 25% of the target goal! Your pledge and support has gotten us this far which has been fantastic, thank you so much!

We’ve got about a week left and need 37 more people to back the project. If you can help us find just one more person who would be willing to support this work, we’ll make the goal in no time!

If you have friends or family who would be interested in learning about the issues that affect the U.S.-Mexican border and the lives they impact, please consider emailing them this link to the project page or sharing it on Facebook: https://www.beaconreader.com/projects/life-love-and-fear-on-the-border

Thanks again for backing my work, I really appreciate it, and please feel free to leave any questions, ideas, or suggestions you have in the comments on the project page.

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Brooke Binkowski BIOGRAPHY

I was born in San Diego and grew up between California and England. I now live back in San Diego after ten years in other places, but travel as much as I can.

I have been a journalist for nearly two decades. I started as a reporter covering breaking and spot news, and have written about everything from Hurricane Katrina evacuees to Alaskan pilots training in Guam. My career has taken me from Anchorage to Atlanta to Los Angeles.

I now work as an independent multimedia journalist, concentrating almost exclusively on immigration and border issues, environmental stories, and indigenous rights.

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