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Emotional debate surrounds GMOs and biotechnology. Are they great breakthroughs or an epic downfall? I’ll show you why the truth lies in the middle.

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At 25 backers Khadijah M. Britton is providing sustainable reporting you won't get anywhere else.

We did it! Thanks for helping me hit my goals with days to spare.

Here’s what I can do with your additional support:

At 50 backers: I provide a weekly rap or silly song on food science, as a sort of easter egg for super dorks.

At 100 backers: I’ll start creating a bi-weekly podcast to share with you!

Each month, you will get an in-depth feature discussing:

  • Nuanced, critical analysis of current research on food and environmental science that impacts you

  • The straight dope on GM foods and plant genomics; Bt, glyphosate, neonicotinoids and other pesticides; herbicides; fungicides; polymers; organics - all of it.

  • The month’s top contradictions from pro- and anti-GM food/GMO activists and lobbyists.

  • Access to monthly podcasts and twitter chats

  • Exclusive Q&A with me and my crew of biotech obsessives in the BEACON discussion forums.

  • Access to every story, by every writer on BEACON, every month you subscribe!

Everyone’s got an agenda, except for me.

As the Internet’s last GM food moderate and a JD-carrying food and drug writer, I’d like to guide you through the maze of contradictions toward some semblance of the truth on food biotechnology’s impact on our collective health, wealth and happiness. I have not met a single professional writer on this subject that is not somehow beholden to one of the major players in the food science game. I’ve never received a penny from anyone, anywhere on the food science spectrum, and am passionately dedicated to getting to the bottom of what is and isn’t beneficial in this new technological revolution.

Help create a better dialogue around GMOs

Following up on conversations that have begun at conferences, on Twitter and over dinner, I’ll be able to engage some of the most intelligent, informed and highly interesting thinkers across the spectrum to shed light on these issues.

Your money goes toward interviewing the top minds in the field and getting them into the difficult conversations we need to have to better our world with good science. Features will also include professional photography by New York photographer Beja Grinage, who has shot a number of stills for the Food Network (http://bejab.com/?gallery=production-stills).

Khadijah M. Britton hasn't posted an update yet

Khadijah M. Britton BIOGRAPHY

I am a legally-trained writer and advocate for maximizing domestic and international access to food and drugs. As founder of BetterBio.org and MadSciMag.com, I’ve spent the past three years teaching urban teens how to separate scientific truth from nonsense on environmental and food science issues that impact their lives. During this time, I also worked as a freelance journalist and commentator on biotechnology across the spectrum (food, fuel and medicine) for publications such as Scientific American, LadyBits on Popular Science, The Phoenix, New York Academy of Sciences, Community Catalyst and Diverse Scholar.

I studied health law and intellectual property at Boston University School of Law, receiving my JD with a certificate in Pro Bono and Public Service Law in 2010. Prior to law school, I was a biotechnology and medical technology journalist and public health documentary filmmaker for eight years, covering everything from robotic spines and bone morphogenic protein to the health effects of 9/11 on immigrant workers.

Unlike most writers on this subject, I have also studied and written extensively on the issues of indigenous scientific knowledge (commonly referred to as “TKIP” - traditional knowledge intellectual property), and thus bring a rare international and historical perspective to this discussion. I now serve as editor for LadyBits, a groundbreaking publication on women and technology, and write about science, law, humanity and our messy attempts to make sense of it all.

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