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Jared uses Beacon to tell stories about the regional dynamics of the Middle East. He’s spent nearly seven years covering the politics of this volatile region, and he’s currently on the ground in Egypt, covering the country’s ongoing revolution. Jared will share his insight and expertise — as well as great human-interest stories — with you on Beacon.

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Ruina uses Beacon to tell stories about bad Asians. The mainstream media lacks coverage of Asian Canadians who are challenging the model minority concept. Back Ruina, and she will write about Asian Canadians’ complicated relationship managing ambitions and familial pressures.

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Ray uses Beacon to create an American baseball journal. This summer, I’m traveling to every Major League Baseball stadium. His aim is to create a photographic portrait of America through its national pastime. Back him and help him raise money for MLB’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Scholarship.

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Mythili uses Beacon to write stories about global trade. The price and production of everything you own, from your socks to your smartphone, is dictated by global trade regulations. Find out who really controls the power, and what it means for all of us.

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The Center for Investigative Reporting uses Beacon to tell stories about your neighborhood NSA. They’ve undertook a national reporting project to uncover how local police agencies and governments across the country are using surveillance technology to collect and store information on ordinary Americans.

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Fréderike uses Beacon to tell stories about the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people have massive influence in a volatile region, but lack a country and lack a voice. As the only foreign reporter in the Kurdish capital of Diyarbakir, Fréderike shares what’s happening on the ground.

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Alex uses Beacon to tell stories about the United States of Athletics. Sports provide a reflection of American values, but in the multi-billion dollar landscape, which values are mobilized and how? He will explore the intersection of our cherished games with pressing political, social and cultural topics.

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Shraddha uses Beacon to tell stories about everyday science, medicine and health. She believes a lot of science reporting stops at the surface, leaving out the most interesting details and the most important data. Her stories will look deeper into the science of everyday things to give you a keener understanding of their scientific underpinnings.

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Carmen uses Beacon to tell stories from conflict zones around the world. From South America to Haiti to Afghanistan, Carmen’s spent the past decade traveling with notebook and camera in hand. On Beacon, he’ll be taking you with him direct to the frontlines and give you a view of conflict zones around the world.

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Kathryn uses Beacon to write her essay series, “Migrations at 9600 Feet.” She’ll take you on a year-long journey into what 40 acres, and the land that surrounds it, can teach us about the pressing environmental issues of today and the wonders the natural world continues to unveil to us.

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Dan uses Beacon to tell stories about hospital safety. Our lives are at risk when corporate-driven medical care puts profits before patient safety. His stories get behind the corporate hype to expose the real risks involved when your health and well-being isn’t necessarily the doctor’s first priority.

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Jonathan uses Beacon to uncover the full story in Haiti and at home. From post-disaster cover-ups in Haiti to the ineffectiveness of recovery funds, Jonathan always sticks with a story. You’ll roam the US and abroad with him as he continues to chase the most pressing stories, wherever they may be and wherever he ends up.

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Matthew uses Beacon to give you travel writing with a sense of place. Under the twin pressures of commercial sponsorship and user-generated content, travel writing has lost much of its credibility, too often channelled into how-to guides or PR-driven advertorial. His writing seeks to restore feeling and objectivity.

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Aneeta uses Beacon to tell stories about the heroines of science. Help celebrate the scientific heroines of our time, working in the lab, in the field and in the community, to expand the understanding of the world we live in. Learn about their pioneering achievements, as well as the challenges they face.

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Mujib uses Beacon to tell stories about the realities of life in Afghanistan today and the challenges of extremism in South Asia. As an Afghan native, Mujib gives you a unique perspective on the region that few others can. He’ll be focusing on the war and where the subcontinent goes from here. You’ll read about daily life, shifts in culture, and first-hand accounts from locals.

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Jake uses Beacon to tell stories about the business of higher education. From for-profit MOOCs, to JP Morgan sponsoring a degree program, to ed tech companies now being a $1.1 billion industry, this is a growing and fast-changing part of the education world. Jake’s stories will help you understand the companies, the legislation and the ideas that matter.

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New Focus uses Beacon to tell stories from North Korea. Founded by the former poet-laureate of North Korea, they offer one of the only independent looks inside the world’s most closed society, telling stories based on their exclusive North Korean sources and insight.

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Josh uses Beacon to tell stories about fracking. Backers of fracking for natural gas say it’s the future of energy independence for America; opponents say it’s destroying our environment. Back Josh and he’ll tell the stories of what’s happening in the Marcellus Shale.

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Tom uses Beacon to tell stories about international aid and development. Aid projects shape the futures of millions of lives around the world but their efficacy is often unexamined. Tom’s subscribers will get an expert lens into how these decisions are really made and whether not they really benefit those in need.

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Brian uses Beacon to tell stories about German culture and sports. Germany is home to the Bundesliga, one of the best soccer leagues in the world. Through his reporting, Brian will take you beyond the scoreboard and use the league to better explore the country and the German people.

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Anna uses Beacon to tell stories about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Israel/Palestine is a decades long conflict, whose causes and consequences go far beyond its borders. She will show you how the United States is intimately involved.

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Chris uses Beacon to tell stories about defending the desert. While America’s deserts are under assault, they’re not barren. They’re not empty. The North American deserts have their own rich biological diversity, and a rich cultural history as well. Chris’s stories will illustrate the problems — and the solutions.

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Valerie uses Beacon to write her series, “Chemical Tales”. There are at least 80,000 chemicals in commercial and industrial use in the United States today. Back Valerie, and she’ll explain where they came from and what they do.

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Kelly uses Beacon to tell stories about endurance sports and the people, money and politics behind them. Rather than race recaps or training tips, she’ll take you inside the endurance sport boom. She’ll use her background as an athlete and a reporter to bring you stories about the amazing — and troublesome — aspects of distance competitions.

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Jean uses Beacon to take you to places most people don’t usually go. She’ll give her subscribers a look at the vibrant lives and opinions of people — particularly women — in the Global South. She’ll show you that these women have unique and empowering stories even in the toughest situations. Her travels take her everywhere from Sierra Leone to India.

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Iona uses Beacon to tell stories about Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. She’s lived in Yemen longer than any other English-language reporter, and will show you a different side of this misunderstood country. Get a first hand account of what it’s like to live in a country in the midst of an undeclared war where drone flyovers are a common day occurrence.

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Molly uses Beacon to capture the lighter side of her travels around the world as a foreign correspondent. She’ll give you an inside look at some of the adventures and misadventures she’s faced along the way. Expect lots of laughs and some thrills to boot.

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Kate uses Beacon to tell stories about mass atrocities and international justice. As a reporter and lawyer in international law, she’ll provide insight into ongoing trials and also explain the real-world impact of the rulings. She’s liveblogged the trials of the Khmer Rouge and analyzed the legal and political effects of International Criminal Court indictments.

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Anne Margaret Daniel uses Beacon to tell stories about reading and writing in New York City. New York City’s streets crisscross America’s literary life like no other place has, or can; while, mercifully, New York remains home to many used bookstores, vast and tiny. Anne Margaret will write about what she finds during her explorations and why it matters.

Read Anne Margaret's stories

Anna uses Beacon to tell the stories of challenges individuals face in the midst of war. You’ll learn about the decisions people make in dire circumstances for themselves and for their families. From Syria to the West Bank, Anna has been embedded into intense conflict zones. Recently she had dinner with Islamic extremists outside of Aleppo during a siege.

Read Anna's stories

Will uses Beacon to share written and visual stories about East Africa’s shifting societies. East African communites are at crossroads, facing shifting political and security climates, rapid yet uneven economic growth, and changing cultural traditions. He’ll show you the view from the ground.

Read Will's stories

Rich is a life-long professional photographer, beginning with travelling the world as a Navy photographer, twenty years in newspaper photojournalism, and now operates his own fine-art and commercial studio. He uses Beacon to explore the endangered California Delta and celebrates this uniquely beautiful natural resource through photo essays on this inland estuary that must be defended and preserved.

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Alexandra uses Beacon to tell stories about the entrepreneurs of Latin America. Many things are happening in the Latin American entrepreneurial scene. Through her stories, you’ll get to know the communities and the people behind the next generation of great companies.

Read Alexandra's stories

Ben uses Beacon to develop a better system for basketball analysis. In collaboration with Layne Vashro, he’ll show you why basketball is on the precipice of widespread change in the way experts, coaches, and fans analyze talent and the game as a whole — and what you can learn from it.

Read Ben's stories

Jeff uses Beacon to write the untold stories about religion in our world - a topic that rarely gets the attention it deserves. He travels across the U.S. — and occasionally beyond — interviewing people and looking at places where faith is a core part of daily life. As practices and beliefs change, Jeff will help you understand how the world views religion.

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Ron uses Beacon to create a more diverse book review. White male writers get covered disproportionately in book reviews compared to women writers and writers of color. Through his reviews on Beacon, he’s attempting to change that.

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Yasmine is using Beacon to tell stories about Tunisia’s political transition. She is one of the only foreign journalists to specialise in North Africa and was one of the first to report on the Tunisian Uprising. She will also be covering other unreported countries in the region, including Libya, Algeria and Mali.

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Adam uses Beacon to tell stories about security issues in West and Central Africa. He’ll dig deep into questions ranging from maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea to the demographics of extremists groups in Mali, Chad, Central African Republic and Nigeria. While conflict and security are the major themes of his work, he’s interested in how individuals and communities cope with threats.

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Clare uses Beacon to tell stories about what goes into producing the news. You will get the Lighter Side: funny stories from the trenches of the wars and popular uprisings that are shaking the Middle East. You can expect the occasional longform essay, as well as articles and interviews that go beyond a news market with a short attention span.

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Brady uses Beacon to tell stories about living a sustainable lifestyle. She explores the importance everyday people have in protecting and improving environments big and small — from the world’s great untouched territories to the spaces in your own home.

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Sion uses Beacon to show you extraordinary, everyday New Yorkers through photo stories. From the art lofts in the South Bronx to the pizza joints on Staten Island, he’ll share stories from lives of the city’s unique, wonderful, and delightful inhabitants.

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Maggie uses Beacon to put her skills to work for you, finding answers to things - large or small - that you want to know. During her career as a reporter, Maggie’s covered everything from courts to culture and beyond, including dispatches from New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Think of it as a non-advice column — and a great way to get your questions answered.

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Armin uses Beacon to tell stories about South Sudan in crisis. South Sudan is at an inflection point in its young history, facing a political and humanitarian crisis that threatens its viability—but there’s still a vital, and possibly-fleeting opportunity for the world’s newest country to reverse course.

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Jeremy Blachman uses Beacon to write humor and satire about the world we live in. He’ll dig deep into the questions of our time, like what’s inside a pumpkin spice latte if pumpkin is not one of the ingredients, or what happens to a highway after a company adopts it. He’s interested in technology and its impact, but mostly when it inspires him to write something funny.

Read Jeremy's stories

S uses Beacon to create her series, A Backpacker’s Quest for Weird. Exploring Latin America’s most bizarre places and practices may be easy for a stoic vagabond, but what about for an average Jane? Back her as she covers travel’s harrowing and awkward side while searching for Central and South America’s strangest stuff.

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Aaron uses Beacon to tell stories about rising homelessness. His reporting shows how the wealthy are gaining the ability to decide who is a criminal and who is not. He’ll show you how it’s happening by investigating the banks and businesses moving Los Angeles’ homeless population into jails.

Read Aaron's stories

Amanda uses Beacon to tell stories about conflict and oppression, mostly in Eastern and Southern Africa, and the varying forms in which that may come. She also scribbles about media and social movements. Amanda actually cares about the information she disseminates and valiantly attempts to publish work that means something.

Read Amanda's stories

Seth uses Beacon to tell stories about heartbreak and hope in the drug corridor. Illicit drugs pour through a narrow strip of Central America on their way to the U.S., leaving behind scars of crime and corruption. He’ll show you the region’s ravages, and chance at renewal.

Read Seth's stories

Alison uses Beacon to tell stories about scientific endeavors gone right, gone wrong, and gone everything in between. She’ll uncover the stories within the press releases and the latest scientific papers that may not bubble to the surface. Her reporting will focus in particular on urban life — how it’s changing and how the data we share shapes the direction of life in cities around the world.

Read Alison's stories

Donna uses Beacon to tell stories about flood chaos. Flooding in the Amazon is having a dramatic impact on the Brazilian and Bolivian borders. Back her, and she’ll show you the tens of thousands of people affected and the severe environmental consequences.

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Tanja uses Beacon to share stories from the road. She is on a mission to photograph all of her Facebook friends in their homes around the world. With your backing, she’ll deliver writing, video and photography from the road as she works toward her show at MASS MoCA in 2017.

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Arikia uses Beacon to tell stories about interesting people in unfamiliar places as she makes her way across the globe. After five years as a reporter in New York, Arikia set out to see what the rest of the world had to offer. Her subscribers on Beacon will get to travel by her side as she unearths new experiences and characters along the road.

Read Arikia's stories

Jonah uses Beacon to untangle the complicated issues of drug policy. He regularly travels to communities from Appalachia to Colombia to look at how government laws affects the lives of individuals on the ground, an important lens into a hot-button issue. You’ll read stories that reveal how the sentiment about the “War on Drugs” has changed for better or for worse.

Read Jonah's stories

Wesley uses Beacon to tell stories about life in Colombia. The Colombians get a lot of attention for their history of drugs and violence. But life in this country is richer and deeper than that, and his stories will introduce you to the people who represent the true side of Colombian life.

Read Wesley's stories

Jean uses Beacon to follow the commercial supply chains of Latin America’s rural sector and how they affect the lives of locals. You’ll hear the stories of individuals whose lives change dramatically based on the whims of international consumer demand. Jean’s one of the only reporters focusing on talking to these people and telling their stories.

Read Jean's stories

Scott uses Beacon to give you a better system for evaluating beer. Craft beer is booming, but it’s easy to get bogged down in marketing and jargon. Scott’s articles on Beacon will help you discover the breweries making America’s next great beers so you can figure out what to drink next.

Read Scott's stories

John uses Beacon to tell stories about queerspawn. Children of non-hetero parents are more present in popular culture than ever before. He’s spending a year gathering stories of growing up in queer families to show the beginnings of this new cultural heritage.

Read John's stories

Grace uses Beacon to tell stories about how outsiders change the mainstream. From communities of women, people of color, and LGBT emerge bold, creative voices who are breaking down barriers to redefine what we call “mainstream culture.”

Read Grace's stories

This is the blog for the Beacon team. We’ll use it to share updates about the product, interviews with our writers and other news about what we’re working on. We’ll also share some of our thinking on the direction media is headed. For support, e-mail us at help@beaconreader.com

Read Beacon's stories

Andrea uses Beacon to tell stories about booming East- and Southern Africa. Together with photographer Jeroen van Loon, she’ll give you stories from the places many reporters won’t go, showing you how big economic developments affect the lives of ordinary Africans.

Read Andrea's stories

Taylor uses Beacon to write stories about the places less traveled. Forget packaged tours to cliche destinations — the best travel can be local and off the beaten path. He’ll introduce you to places you’ve never heard of, and the people who make them so special.

Read Taylor's stories

Barry uses Beacon to tell stories of Africa that go unnoticed by the news cycle. As a long-tenured correspondent for Reuters, Barry traveled across the continent, interviewing leaders, covering conflict and trekking to remote regions. Now he’ll share some of the stories he never got the chance to tell.

Read Barry's stories

Kane uses Beacon to create his story, “Delicate Lies.” While working on his graphic novel, Kane had another amazing story fall in his lap. When his grandfather died, Kane’s family found proof he had a secret son. His secret uncle, it turns out, is a serial con artist and possible polygamist, leaving a trail of broken families across the US.

Read Kane's stories

Rebecca uses Beacon to tell stories about the future of technology and humanity. Technology is changing what it means to be “human.” Join her as she speaks with researchers, scientists, and futurists on what happens when technology and humanity collide — and what it means for our future.

Read Rebecca's stories

Michael uses Beacon to tell stories about sweeping changes in US society. He’ll do it through finding interesting people and profiling their lives, showing how shifting attitudes toward things like technology and religion affect them, formally and informally. And, as a proud Kentucky native, sometimes he’ll write about bourbon.

Read Michael's stories

Christopher uses Beacon to tell stories about the Armenian genocide. Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Since then, we have not learned much about how to prevent genocides from happening. His stories will explain the history, and explore what we’ve learned.

Read Christopher's stories

Steven uses Beacon to reveal the ongoing legacy of colonialism in Latin America. Stationed in Colombia, he’ll expose the untold stories of globalization, with firsthand access to a country whose unparalleled natural wealth, decades-long human rights crisis, and ongoing struggle for peace, environmental sustainability, and social and democratic equality make it a perfect microcosm of the region and its history.

Read Steven's stories

Rachel uses Beacon to tell stories about the promise and peril in Somaliland. Recent oil drilling off the coast of Somaliland promises new opportunities for the region, but also peril for hopes to create a new sovereign state. She’s traveling to Somaliland to find out what’s going on.

Read Rachel's stories

Matt uses Beacon to focus on endangered animals and ecosystems around the world. Each week, you’ll get access to the people and organizations working to preserve organisms around the world and learn about the latest research and discoveries. This type of reporting is a personal passion for Matt, so he’ll work hard to get you access to experts who can help you understand the calculus of conservation.

Read Matt's stories

Climate On Beacon is a curated feed of the best articles about climate change on the platform. Enjoy a weekly post rounding up all the articles, as well as occasional highlights from around the web. Readers who’ve subscribed to Climate as a topic follow this account by default.

Read Climate on Beacon's stories

Lillian uses Beacon to tell stories about the science of food. As the distance from farm to table increases, it is important to examine our food system. Her reporting will explore what really goes into our modern meal and will also share her enthusiasm and love of cooking.

Read Lillian's stories

Jack uses Beacon to tell stories about American sports, particularly baseball and basketball. He focuses beyond the box score, exploring the why and how of sports. You’ll get stories about how sporting culture interacts with American culture, and you’ll learn about the people who play the game and the people who love it.

Read Jack's stories

Lou reports on polluted defense sites in America. There are over one hundred contaminated military sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List. Help Lou investigate them and she will report on the ongoing danger of these hazardous waste sites located across the country.

Read Lou's stories

Whitney uses Beacon to write about the faces behind our food. We’re getting closer to the source of our food, but there are still so many untold stories about the fascinating folks who create it. Back Whitney and she’ll tell you about our growing preoccupation with food by studying the industry’s most obsessed.

Read Whitney's stories

Stephanie uses Beacon to share comics, illustration and writing. She’s the author of the Minimum Security comic strip, and is currently working on a series of Daily Affirmations for the Revolutionary Proletarian Militant. She’ll use Beacon to give you a look at her work and the process behind it.

Read Stephanie's stories

Jason uses Beacon to tell stories about human rights conflicts around the world. He’s reported from more than forty countries around the world. He travels fast, light and frequently, and will go wherever is needed to get his stories. Recently he profiled the struggles of migrant workers in Thailand.

Read Jason's stories

Paul uses Beacon to tell stories about life in the South Caucasus. He’s lived in the region for more than a decade, which lets him bring you the inside perspective on cultural, social and political life in this diverse and geopolitically important part of the world.

Read Paul's stories

Tristan uses Beacon to explore the nuance and complexity of life in Africa. His subscribers follow him as he travels through the continent, examining political hotspots but also the cultural trends that go unnoticed. He is one of the few foreign correspondents who regularly venture into Somalia.

Read Tristan's stories

Steven uses Beacon to tell stories about the future of wearable computing. Wearable computing is the next big thing in technology. He’ll show you what’s coming, and how you can use it to simplify your life.

Read Steven's stories

Hamish McKenzie is lead writer for Tesla Motors, and, until 2014, a journalist. Most recently he was a reporter for the tech blog PandoDaily, where he covered tech media, politics, and international startups, and he is the author of Beta China: The Dawn of an Innovation Generation. The opinions expressed here are his own and in no way connected to his employer.

Read Hamish's stories

Ashraf uses Beacon to get you the direct view from the Egyptian street. He’s seen the country move from stability to chaos and followed the story throughout. You’ll get honest and deep look at Egypt right now from first-hand interviews and reports sharing the stories that extend beyond the spin and violence.

Read Ashraf's stories

Adam uses Beacon to tell stories about Yemen and the wider region. Much of the reporting you see from Yemen is about terrorism, which gives a dramatically incomplete view of this complex country. Adam’s reporting will give you insight into what’s really happening on the ground, with more nuance then you’ll read elsewhere .

Read Adam's stories

Sedeer uses Beacon to tell stories about the natural world. Humans are just one of a rich panoply of amazing beings - he’ll give you the stories of the millions of other species on Earth, from cloud-dwelling bacteria that can make it rain to mind-controlling parasites.

Read Sedeer's stories

Amy uses Beacon to tell stories about environmental health. Her experience working this beat as a reporter lets her turn an abstract concept like “the environment” into stories that actually show the impact in your life. And, as Amy’s subscriber, you’ll be able to ask questions and tell her what science you want to learn more about.

Read Amy's stories

MuckRock uses Beacon to report on “the spy in your pocket.” Cell phones offer law enforcement an unprecedented look into our lives, from social network analysis to communications monitoring in real time. Back this project and they’ll investigate whether local police departments have abused their access.

Read MuckRock's stories

Severe weather, drought, blackouts: today’s big stories are environmental stories. Climate Confidential will highlight the headaches and the opportunities and help you learn how to thrive in a resource-constrained world. We are a collective of seasoned freelance journalists with a combined 90 years of experience.

Read Climate Confidential's stories

Khadijah uses Beacon to give you real talk about GMOs. Emotional debate surrounds GMOs and biotechnology. Are they great breakthroughs or an epic downfall? She’ll make the case that the truth lies in the middle.

Read Khadijah's stories

Caitlin uses Beacon to tell stories about building a better Africa. She’s traveling to Tanzania to work with local youth and refugees in Kigoma. She’ll share their stories with you, and you’ll be supporting their efforts to make Africa—and the world—a better place.

Read Caitlin's stories

Kate uses Beacon to tell stories about people who will never make the headlines. The desert gardener in northern Mali, the heart surgeon in Liberia or the Libyan historian. Their stories are just as vital to our understanding of our world than those of the leaders, soldiers and rebels (although sometimes she’ll write about them too.)

Read Kate's stories

Chris uses Beacon to write stories about a new era in spaceflight. From tourism to do-it-yourself satellites, the future of spaceflight is changing. You will learn how space technology impacts your life, what the next scientific discovery means to our combined human history, and how our planet fits within the Universe.

Read Chris' stories

Rowan uses Beacon to explore the transparency gap in media. “Transparency” has never been such a popular buzzword. But the media is ill-equiped to explain the importance of the movement — and to help you understand it. His stories will research and explore what can be done to improve this crucial problem.

Read Rowan's stories

Jonathan uses Beacon to capture on-the-ground perspectives of politics in the southern cone of South America. From his home base in Buenos Aires, Jonathan examines the politics and corporate practices of the region, and how they impact locals. He’s an ex-sports reporter, so you might see a bit of that too.

Read Jonathan's stories

Jeb uses Beacon to tell stories about the shifting topography of the Internet. He’ll give you the inside scoop on the attempts to regulate and control the web, and some of the extranational groups that wreck havoc in their own interest. He’s had to become an expert on security himself, lest his own computer become a target.

Read Jeb's stories

Madeleine uses Beacon to write her series, “All Politics is Local.” Americans are losing faith in the national government and political participation has decreased as a result. Back Madeleine, and she’ll take you on a trip through the Midwest to learn how local initiatives impact your life.

Read Madeleine's stories

Matthew uses Beacon to tell stories about the UN Security Council — and its victims. He’ll show you how the United Nations and the world system both too often fail their principles and the people they are supposed to protect. He covered UN inaction while 40,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka in 2009, and the UN taking sides in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Syria in 2013.

Read Matthew's stories

Ted uses Beacon to tell stories about politics and life in pictures. He’s a hard-charging political cartoonist who thinks independently and takes no prisoners. He’ll use a variety of forms to share his unique take on social commentary and current events.

Read Ted's stories

Gaar uses Beacon to tell stories about the culture and art in the Middle East. You’ll get a much richer look at a region that’s often only examined for its politics. Gaar shares the characters and trends that comprise the heartbeat of cultural life in the Middle East, with access and passion that few can match.

Read Gaar's stories

Rebecca uses Beacon to report her series, Chasing Change. Plenty of businesses, individuals and organizations are posing innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Back her, and she’ll explore what it really takes to have an impact.

Read Rebecca's stories

Tim uses Beacon to tell stories about life in the startup trenches. His stories will take you into startup culture and show you how founders’ lead high-risk, high-reward lifestyles in the attempt to build something that people want.

Read Tim's stories

Lyra uses Beacon to investigate the last weeks of Robert Bradford’s life. Bradford, a Northern Ireland politician, was shot down in the Finaghy Community Centre. The IRA claimed responsibility. Before he died, it’s claimed, he was asking questions. About what, few are willing to say. By backing Lyra, you enable her to unravel the mystery.

Read Lyra's stories

Justin uses Beacon to tell the stories of the Lost Children of Spirit Lake. Children often face desperate situations on poor Indian reservations. Back him, and he’ll report on the brutal murder of a young brother and sister that illustrates the harsh realities kids on reservations live with.

Read Justin's stories

Fiction Attic Press uses Beacon to curate and share short fiction, flash fiction, and memoir that’s characterized by purity, simplicity, and elegant wit. Founder Michelle Richmond knows how to find and curate great fiction from new and established voices, and she’ll share it with you every week.

Read Fiction Attic Press' stories

Allison uses Beacon to tell stories about life in Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder. Allison’s stories explore culture and modernization within Cambodia, told through the lens of her experience living abroad. She’ll write the human stories about life in this intriguing country, stories that quick news reports don’t provide.

Read Allison's stories

Benjamin uses Beacon to tell stories about Guatemala. Guatemala is the poorest country in Latin America, and most major news publications do not have correspondents there. His reporting will consequently be unique and will bring light to otherwise unseen issues, people and places.

Read Benjamin's stories

Lisa and Hannah use Beacon to report on the legacy of mass incarceration. Over the next year, they plan on investigating mass incarceration from the ground up. Back them and they’ll provide you with reporting that examines how decades of “tough-on-crime” policies shaped the American landscape.

Read Hannah and Lisa's stories

Dan uses Beacon to tell stories about social networks and the people who manipulate them. With more than a billion people connected on social media, a lot of exposure is up for grabs. And an increasingly savvy contingent of individuals and brands are learning how to game the system — in ways both legal and illegal — in order to have an outsized voice.

Read Dan's stories

Amirah uses Beacon to tell stories about minority voices in art. Less than 8% of the artists featured at the Whitney Biennial this year are people of color. That’s 9 out of 118 artists. Her stories work to highlight — and correct — this alarming trend.

Read Amirah's stories

Tyrel uses Beacon to tell stories about hitchhiking to Africa. He’s traveling from California to Africa, relying on the kindness of others to carry him on his way. Back Tyrel, and he’ll share stories from his journey and introduce you to the people and animals that he meets on the road.

Read Tyrel's stories

Nicole uses Beacon to write her series, “Beyond the Sex and Sunshine.” Brazilian women’s bodies have been used to promote tourism for decades. Back Nicole as she explores the reality of Brazilian women beyond the stereotype.

Read Nicole's stories

Chad uses Beacon to tell stories about food and the people who make it. Food has never been more important to the future of our culture and planet. Chad’s worked on the inside of the sustainable food business and has access to some of the most interesting people involved in making good stuff to eat.

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Asad uses Beacon to tell stories about everyday extremism in Pakistan. Religious rhetoric plays an increasingly powerful role in Pakistan’s society and politics. He’ll give you stories on the crowding out of those deemed not to conform to an imagined Pakistani identity.

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Gideon uses Beacon to unearth folk music’s traditions. The folk song traditions of the United Kingdom and the United States lie at the heart of musical culture. Back this project and he’ll highlight the similarity, difference and a cultural continuum which underpins much of both countries’ popular music.

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Ramyar uses Beacon to tell stories about the silent tragedies of Greece. Both migrants to Greece and the country’s locals experience discrimination and violent attacks. Back Ramyar, and he’ll investigate these human rights violations and show how they have led to unlikely allegiances between migrants and locals.

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Teresa uses Beacon to create better pop culture criticism. You shouldn’t dismiss pop culture as fluff. Pop culture helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us. I’ll analyze it for you from a “feminist brown person” perspective.

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Amanda uses Beacon to tell stories about women’s rights and how human rights stories affect us all. Rather than simply giving you the news, Amanda will tell you why stories about these issues matter — and how they impact your life. Her training as a lawyer lets her break down complex legal situations, and she’ll travel to bring you stories and analysis from the scene.

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Stephen uses Beacon to tell stories about US foreign policy. He believes in the importance of on-the-ground reporting, and that’s been borne out in a career that’s taken him from Tokyo to Tel Aviv. He’ll share what he’s learned about the expansion of US military power, what it means for diplomacy in the 21st century and the rise of the world’s next powers.

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Emma uses Beacon to tell stories about Syria and the impact of the crisis on people in and around the country. Her full-time focus is on covering this crucial conflict — the people involved, the shifting sides and the impact on us all. She’ll use Beacon to give you depth and detail missing from the mainstream reporting on the crisis.

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Jaime uses Beacon to write stories about the new economy. Career-hopping, reinvention and self-employment are not just for millennials anymore. Back her, and she’ll report on how the modern economy encourages us to make “working for a living” more about our dreams than money.

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Jeremy uses Beacon to tell stories about Israelis, Palestinians, and the Middle East. The media presents a barrage of information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Jeremy’s stories will help your sort through the competing claims. You’ll get clear explanations, a chance to ask questions and a deeper understanding of this important conflict.

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Joshua uses Beacon to dig deep into the inner workings of national security and intelligence. Now more than ever, questions about security need more clarity. As a former intelligence analyst turned reporter, Joshua goes behind the scenes to explain how complex policies impact our society’s relationship with technology and each other.

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SA uses Beacon to tell stories on how Britain faces big, existential decisions over its future. He reports on an old country deciding how to renew itself — or whether to break apart. Given the profound decisions in Britain’s near-future, Britons might soon be living somewhere they no longer quite recognise.

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Saba uses Beacon to tell stories about conflict and religion in Pakistan. Saba lives in Karachi, one of Pakistan’s most dangerous cities. She’ll explain the causes behind the violence in the headlines, as well as give you a look at the religious tensions that color life in her home country.

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Eric uses Beacon to write his series, “Reflections in the Mirror.” He’ll bring you the stories of artists from the United States and the Middle East whose lives and works reflect on changing social and political dynamics in both regions.

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Balkanist uses Beacon to provide an uncompromising look at a region without a lot of independent media coverage. They’ll use Beacon to feature bold stories of the Balkan region and everything to its east. That means a mix of politics, analysis, culture and criticism.

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Miriam uses Beacon to tell amazing human interest stories from South and Central America, exploring how organized crime and big business impact people’s daily lives. From her base in Colombia, she’ll travel around the region to explore human rights movements and more in this paradoxical part of the world. In the coming months, Miriam hopes to go to even more remote locales to find stories and context that other reporters miss.

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Ashley uses Beacon to write about the buskers and peddlers of New York. There are countless buskers and vendors working to make a living in New York City’s subway system. Back her, and she’ll take you inside this underground world of entertainers.

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Theresa uses Beacon to tell stories about press freedom and media innovation in Africa. Press freedom in Africa has come under threat in recent years, even while there are several interesting media projects sprouting up that have implications beyond the continent’s border. Theresa will bring you the stories of the pressures and opportunities journalists in Africa face.

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Stephanie uses Beacon to tell stories about Lebanon and the Eastern Mediterranean. Though the headlines may emphasize conflict, her work tells the stories of regular people in irregular circumstances, whether from Lebanon or from the surrounding region. Subscribe for a more complete picture of this varied part of the world.

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Jason uses Beacon to tell stories about the Freedom of Information Act. He’s been called a “FOIA terrorist” for his aggressive use of requests to unearth classified information. He’ll give you a preview of his latest findings and show you how to make requests yourself.

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Peter uses Beacon to tell stories about politics, culture and security in West Africa and the Sahel. These two regions encompass some of the most vibrant and volatile places in the world. Peter will give you rigorously reported stories you can’t find elsewhere.

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Kate uses Beacon to tell stories about issues facing LGBT communities. From her base in New England, she’ll travel throughout the region to bring stories about issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, ones that aren’t as told as often in the mainstream media after the passage of same-sex marriage laws.

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Eric uses Beacon to tell stories of migration, political change and some of the stranger corners of Asia and Europe. From Bulgaria to Burma, Eric’s always on the road, piecing together the large narratives that shape our time but bringing you some of the quirky discoveries he makes along the way.

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