This month, Techdirt is raising money on Beacon to add to its coverage of net neutrality. Today, we’re announcing that matching funds for Techdirt’s projects are being provided by Twitch and Namecheap.

“Without net neutrality, ISP’s can discriminate against internet-based companies at will. This is good for those who can afford to pay, but those who can’t, or are reluctant to pay based on principle, or operate in competing market segments, life will be much harder,” said Emmett Shear, CEO, Twitch. “We are pledging $10K in matching funds so that Techdirt can help shine a light on the imbalance the market will face without net neutrality in place.”

To date, more than 125 readers, plus the matching backers, have pledged nearly $36,000. Any new reader pledges will be matched 1-1 through the end of the month.

Techdirt will use reader and matching funds to produce independent reporting and analysis in advance of FCC’s decision on net neutrality regulation in the coming months.

“It’s great that these innovators and entrepreneurs are offering up these matching funds,” said Mike Masnick, founder of Techdirt. “They allow our community to double the impact of its support, and allow us to focus our attention on bringing everyone the best independent reporting on the issue of net neutrality and the open internet.”

Reddit cofounder and YC partner Alexis Ohanian said: “I’ve spent years working to raise awareness about issues of Internet freedom and Beacon finally delivered a platform to directly fund the journalists — the watchdogs — doing the ongoing reporting that keeps our Internet open and awesome.”

Matching funds on Beacon give individuals and companies a chance to boost reader demand and help journalists reach their reporting goals. No more than 50 percent of a given project will be funded through matching funds, ensuring its success or failure depends on the crowd.

“This is a unique way to allow readers to get more of the coverage they want,” said Adrian Sanders, co-founder and CEO of Beacon. “Online communities are always searching for ways to be more self-sustaining, and this is a way to jumpstart that goal.”

To pledge to Techdirt’s project, go here: