Today we’re launching the first publication created and published exclusively on Beacon. It’s called Climate Confidential, and it’s the brainchild of six environmental reporters with more than 90 years of combined reporting experience between them.

Each week, Climate Confidential will uncover environmental stories that have been lurking in the shadows.  Each story will be original, deeply researched and available exclusively to Beacon subscribers. Reporting with this level of quality requires support, and we’re using Projects to make it possible. Climate Confidential set a target of finding 800 readers over the next month to get started. 

“Climate Confidential promises to rise above the noise around political antics, conspiracy theories and polemics,” says Mary Catherine O’Connor, one of the founding reporters. “I’m excited about connecting directly with readers and working with such a talented crew of reporters to produce work that delves into the promise and pitfalls of environmental solutions.”

Climate Confidential is Amy Westervelt, Ucilia Wang, Celeste LeCompte, Josie Garthwaite, Mary Catherine O’Connor and Erica Gies.

As Climate Confidential says in their pitch, “There’s power in numbers.” When they attract 800 subscribers, they’ll have ongoing support that allows them to focus exclusively on finding and sharing quality stories — not building a site, pitching advertisers or being beholden page view goals. 

There’s power in numbers on Beacon too. Because subscribers can read every story by every writer, Climate Confidential’s supporters will also be able to access every story published by the 70+ writers on Beacon. Likewise, Climate Confidential’s reporting becomes available to the thousands of readers who already subscribe to a writer on Beacon, giving every story by Climate Confidential even more impact.

As a publication, Climate Confidential will receive its own branding on the Beacon site. will also take readers directly to their stories on Beacon. The Climate Confidential team will work with us to continue build out tools and experiences for reporters to work together collaboratively within the BEACON system.

We launched Beacon to build a community of writers and readers who believe in the importance of sustaining storytelling on the Internet. We’re seeing amazing success with individuals — with four days left, photographer Sion Fullana’s project, Extraordinary Everyday New Yorkers, already attracted more than 110 subscribers and thousands of dollars worth of reoccurring support. Same goes for Chris Clarke and his environmental project, Defending the Desert.

Enabling small groups of writers to band together to tell stories as a publication is an important next step, and we’re excited to launch more publications and build out the tools for them to be successful. We’ll continue to add new individual writers — and new publications — to Beacon every week.

About Climate Confidential and Beacon

Climate Confidential is Erica Gies, Mary Catherine O’Connor, Amy Westervelt, Ucilia Wang, Celeste LeCompte and Josie Garthwaite. Collectively, they’ve written for dozens publications including The New York Times, National Geographic, Wired, Outside and the Guardian. Their project is available on, or at

Beacon is a $5 per month subscription service. Readers choose one writer or publication to fund with their subscription. In exchange, they get access to every story by every writer on Beacon. More than 70 writers already use Beacon to share stories, and we add new writers all the time. To view what’s coming next, go to