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Beacon empowers writers by letting you fund their work directly. That means you, the reader, decide which writers and stories get published instead of advertisers.

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There are hundreds of projects on Beacon that you can fund directly. We’ve made it easy to browse and search for topics you’ll love. With Beacon, you can enable journalism all around the world.

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Net Neutrality

This is the easiest and most effective way to create more in-depth coverage. Back it now while 2x matching funds are availiable.
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Featured Project: Techdirt.com

The future of the internet is at stake, as the battle for “net neutrality” and an open internet take shape. Back our reporting and help save the internet by making sure people are informed on what’s really happening — and why it’s important.

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*This project was successfully funded.

See more details on Techdirt's project here

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Do you care about net neutrality but don't know how to help? Back this project and double your impact with matching funds.

Beacon is a platform where readers fund journalists that do important work.

Beacon is a platform where readers fund journalists that do important work.

Spotlight is a new initiative where we focus on important topics and provide matching funds from friends and partners. To date, readers have paid $250,000 to support more than 100 journalists in 30 countries on Beacon.

Mike Masnick and Techdirt are using Beacon to fund a year of coverage on Net Neutrality. Back this project →
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