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Make sure Ferguson isn’t forgotten. In partnership with The Huffington Post, your backing can train and fund a promising new journalist in Ferguson for the next year.

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At $40,000 The Huffington Post can produce journalism that creates impact.

Fund the next generation of local reporters, starting in Ferguson.

We’re raising $40,000 in collaboration with The Huffington Post to create a new type of fellowship that trains and promotes promising new journalists on the local level. It’s called the Ferguson Fellowship and it isn’t possible without your support.

For the first time, you have the power to ensure on-the-ground coverage from Ferguson remains a part of the national conversation. The first Ferguson Fellow, Mariah Stewart, has already made an impact with her coverage on Beacon. But she can do even more with training, guidance, and support from The Huffington Post.

Mariah’s coverage from Ferguson has already been seen on the BBC, Al Jazeera and beyond. With your support, she’ll be able to do even more with a fellowship at The Huffington Post.


Mariah’s coverage from Ferguson has already been seen on the BBC, Al-Jazeera and beyond. With your support, she’ll be able to do even more with a fellowship at The Huffington Post.

Back this project and support Mariah’s work →

• • •

How the fellowship works

She’ll work closely for a whole year with The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly to cover the ongoing federal investigation into the killing of Michael Brown. Together, they’ll report on the activity of local and county police forces, long after the mainstream media returns home.

With your support, Mariah will learn the intricacies of public records requests. She’ll use those skills to investigate the funding sources and uses of military gear in St. Louis County, follow efforts to reform police procedures aimed at curbing abuse and monitor the ongoing activity of local police and their unfolding relationship with the local community. To enable this, we’re aiming to crowdfund at least $40,000 for 12 months of coverage plus benefits. After the first year, we’ll continue the fellowship if interest remains.

Backers on Beacon will get notifications whenever a new story is published, as well as exclusive interactions with Mariah and Ryan. Reporting from the fellowship will be shared with the more than 79 million people who read The Huffington Post each month, as well as made available on an open-source basis to any outlet interested in distributing it.

Back this fellowship →

• • •

Meet Mariah Stewart

Mariah Stewart

For the first year, Missouri journalist Mariah Stewart has been selected as the Ferguson fellow. Mariah was part of a group of journalists who were funded by Beacon readers to cover the protests in August 2014. She provided a raw, gripping look at the situation in Ferguson.

Mariah is a recent graduate of Lindenwood University in Saint Peters, Missouri. Her coverage has appeared on Al Jazeera, ABC Radio and the BBC.

Mariah sharing her experience with the world on BBC World News.

Back Mariah’s work →

• • •

About Ryan Reilly

Ryan Reilly

On August 13, Ryan was one of two reporters arrested at a McDonald’s while covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. He describes his experience here:

Their story was shared widely across social and traditional media and brought new attention to the unrest that followed the killing of an unarmed black teenager in the St. Louis suburb on Aug. 9.

Ryan covers the Justice Department and Supreme Court for The Huffington Post. He previously covered federal law enforcement and legal news for Talking Points Memo and MainJustice.com.

Ryan speaks about his experience being arrested in Ferguson.

• • •

About this fellowship

This is a new experiment in how journalism can be funded and supported. Stories funded through this fellowship will be delivered to backers on Beacon but will also appear and get distributed by The Huffington Post. By funding this project, you’re creating journalism that has broad, national impact. And we’ll give you regular updates on how that’s shaping the conversation in Ferguson and beyond.

Back this project and help us keep the focus on Ferguson →

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One hour - $750 to go.

October 25, 2015 at 8:26 pm

Because of matching funds from the Huffington Post, this project needs only $750 ensure another year of reporting from Ferguson.

But there’s only one hour left. It’s literally now or never. If you haven’t backed the project, this is your last chance.

Be sure to back the project through this link:


Thanks for backing this project.

Just six hours left to ensure one more year!

October 25, 2015 at 3:25 pm

Thanks to your support, the Ferguson Fellowship is 85 percent funded. There’s less than $5000 left to reach the goal, but only six hours are left.

If you want to keep Mariah in Ferguson for one more year, be sure to back this year’s project here:


Every dollar helps, but we need your support today! The Huffington Post will match every pledge we receive. Thanks for backing original reporting from Ferguson.

Two days left - make this happen for another year

October 22, 2015 at 7:36 pm

We’re so close to funding the second year of The Ferguson Fellowship:


This year, when you pledge, every dollar will be matched by the Huffington Post. But we only have two days left to reach the goal, and keep Mariah in Ferguson for another year.

If you’ve enjoyed Mariah’s coverage and believe that reporting from Ferguson remains important go to this page:


And make a pledge. There’s under $7500 to go, so every dollar and every share matters!

Let’s keep Mariah reporting in Ferguson for another year:


The Ferguson Fellowship: Year Two

September 25, 2015 at 5:51 pm

A year ago, you came together to create a reporting position for Mariah in Ferguson, Missouri. And in the past year, she’s accomplished quite a bit through your support: She’s produced longform investigations, relentlessly tracked local council meetings and other gatherings where officials hash out policy, built a source network of residents and protesters, uncovered wrongdoing and also brought the casual, everyday racism in the region to light.

Today, we’re asking you whether Mariah should stay in Ferguson for another year.

Back another year of Mariah in Ferguson.

Some of you have supported Mariah through an ongoing subscription, or have written in asking how to pledge again. If you’ve done that, your support is already reflected in the total. Thanks for your support.

But if you haven’t backed the project, please considering pledging to another year.

Your support last year made sure that Mariah and the Huffington Post remained in Ferguson, long after the rest of the national media went home. We know there’s more to the story.

Back this project and keep the national attention on Ferguson.

Over 90% funded. So close!

September 6, 2014 at 9:10 pm

With 5 days left, the Ferguson Fellowship is 95% funded! Your generosity and support over the past week have been phenomenal – and has pushed us right to the edge of our goal.

Things are looking very good, but we’re going to need your help spreading the word to make this happen.

Please share this link and help us reach the tipping point: http://www.beaconreader.com/projects/the-ferguson-fellowship.

Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter

Your contribution is helping to change the way we report on news, and creates new opportunities for the next generation of local reporters.

Thank you again for all your support.

61% funded. Let's give Ferguson the coverage it deserves.

September 4, 2014 at 11:04 pm

You and nearly 500 readers have pledged to support reporting in Ferguson.

In fact, you’ve helped fund more than 60% of a full year’s salary for Mariah Stewart, a local reporter.

The Justice Department announced they are going to probe the Ferguson police force in a broad civil rights investigation and already Mariah and Ryan are giving you original reporting from Ferguson on the police force’s plans to cooperate.

Share this project with just one other person and we’ll be 100% funded in no time. Let’s give Ferguson the coverage it deserves.


One week left, let’s get it done!

September 3, 2014 at 4:54 pm

We’ve got a week left so it’s time for the big push. Things are looking great! If everyone shares this project with a friend, we’ll definitely get it done!

Mariah has already started reporting for the Huffington Post and we can help keep that going.

Your contribution is helping to change the way we report on news, and creating new opportunities for the next generation of local reporters.

Please share this link to friends and family: http://www.beaconreader.com/projects/the-ferguson-fellowship.

Thanks again for all your help!

Push to 50%

August 25, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Hey everyone,

We’ve been thrilled by your response since we launched the Ferguson Fellowship. In less than one week, you’ve helped us make it 40% of the way to our goal of $40,000.

More than 350 people have shown that by supporting the fellowship on Beacon they want ongoing coverage in Ferguson to ensure the truth gets told.

Now, we’re entering a crucial time in the crowdfunding campaign: the push to 50%. If you can help us spread the word by telling your family and friends to check out the fellowship, we know we can get this done together.

Please share this link: http://www.beaconreader.com/projects/the-ferguson-fellowship.

Thanks again for all your support!

The HuffPost Team

Pledge a dollar
Thanks for the support! You’ve earned our gratitude for helping to make this fellowship possible.
51 claimed
$5per month
Monthly subscription
Monthly subscription to Mariah’s work. You’ll get the opportunity to read on the ground stories from Ferguson, and every story by every writer on Beacon. You can cancel at any time.
50 claimed
Pledge $10
Show your support and help fund reporting and coverage on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri.
215 claimed
$20per month
Monthly supporter
You’ll make sure this fellowship continues by becoming a monthly backer and contributing your funding throughout the year. In exchange, you’ll get a thank-you note from Arianna Huffington and Ryan Reilly on Facebook. You can cancel your support at any time.
19 claimed
Pledge $25 + thank-you from Ryan
Show your support and help fund reporting and coverage on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri for the next year. For backing at this level, you’ll get a Twitter thank-you from Ryan Reilly with your handle. Not on Twitter? You can get a wall post on Facebook too.
163 claimed
Pledge $50 + thank-you from @HuffPostPol
In addition to a shoutout from Ryan, you’ll also get recognized by the @HuffPostPol Twitter account.
63 claimed
Signed book + thank-you from Arianna Huffington
You’ll get a thank-you note from Arianna Huffington on Facebook and a signed copy of her book, Thrive. Limited to the first 100 backers!
70 claimed
Everything + a shirt
In addition to the perks at the $100 level, you’ll get a Huffington Post t-shirt in a size of your choice.
16 claimed
Everything + beers with Ryan and Arthur
In addition to all the rewards previously listed, you’ll get an invitation to an evening of watered-down macro brew with Ryan Reilly and Huffington Post reporter Arthur Delaney at The Tune Inn in Washington, DC.
3 claimed
Everything + newsroom tour
In addition to all the rewards previously listed, you’ll get an invitation to tour one of The Huffington Post’s newsrooms and meet some of our writers and editors.
2 claimed
Everything + shoutout from @HuffingtonPost
In addition to all the rewards previously listed, you’ll get a shoutout from the main @HuffingtonPost Twitter account, recognizing your extraordinary support and listing your handle to 4.5 million followers.
1 claimed
Everything + hangout
In addition to everything below, you’ll get an invitation to a virtual hangout with Mariah and Ryan to discuss their reporting from Ferguson.
1 claimed
Everything + lunch with Ryan and Mariah
In addition to all the rewards previously listed, you’ll get an invitation to lunch with Ryan and Mariah in Ferguson, Missouri. We’ll have it at the McDonald’s that served as a media staging ground during the protests as well as the site of Ryan’s arrest.
2 claimed
Note: All pledges are in USD.

The Huffington Post BIOGRAPHY

The Huffington Post is the Internet’s newspaper, covering the world’s stories from every viewpoint. It was the first Internet news site to win a Pulitzer Prize.

More than 79 million people view The Huffington Post every month. The Ferguson Fellowship is being offered through The Huffington Post’s Washington, D.C. bureau.

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Help The Huffington Post bring them to BEACON. At $40,000, The Huffington Post can provide sustainable reporting on the topic you won't get anywhere else.

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